A How to Guide to Picking Your Wedding Venue in Fort Lauderdale

How To Pick A Wedding Venue

Congratulations! If you have found your way to this blog that means you’re getting married and starting the wedding planning process. Whether you are hiring a wedding planner in Fort Lauderdale or if you will be overseeing the wedding planning yourself, a very important step is learning how to pick a wedding venue. There are many things to consider before diving head first into Florida wedding location scouting, some of these tips I will share with you today. If the following aspects of how to choose a wedding location have already crossed your mind then you’re on the right path to bringing your dream wedding to life!

When shopping for an affordable wedding venue in Hollywood, there are a few vital questions to ask prior to and during your tour of the banquet halls before you decide to book. Questions relating to capacity, location, packages, and policies are all the topics we will touch base on today. Capacity of the banquet hall tends to be one of the most common questions to ask before the scheduling of a tour as you don’t want to waste your time viewing a venue that cannot accommodate your wedding party. Having said that, it’s important to look for a wedding venue in Hollywood that accommodates your every bridal need.


Determining your budget is perhaps the most important step when learning how to pick a wedding venue because it sets the tone for the rest of your wedding planning journey. So, I would suggest making this “step one” on your wedding book checklist. Your budget is going to be allocated in so many different directions it is essential to have a clear cut understanding of how much you are willing to spend overall. Learning how to choose a wedding location is important when it comes to maximizing your budget as it benefits you more to find an all inclusive banquet hall that has affordable packages, a substantial party space for your guests, and offers an overall wonderful experience for your bridal and wedding party. When searching how to pick a wedding venue your budget will play a key role in determining which locations are a real possibility.

Check The Venue’s Vendor Policies

When you are trying to decide how to choose a wedding location it is crucial to know exactly what you are expecting the banquet hall to provide so that you are prepared for your tour with all the necessary questions to ask. Learning the venue’s vendor policies when it comes to hiring outside caterers or photographers is critical before making any decisions on which location to book. Some cheap wedding venues will require you to choose from a premade list of vendors that they have already established a relationship with, so before you fall in love with a wedding venue in Fort Lauderdale be sure to know if they are all inclusive or if you are permitted to bring your own vendors. When you are on the hunt of how to pick a wedding venue, knowing whether or not you can bring outside vendors in should be a high priority question to ask your potential wedding venue. The venue itself may be cheap but if they will only allow you to hire a select few vendors, none of which you are particularly interested in, it may change the dynamic of a happy business relationship to you resenting picking the venue altogether. So, before finalizing anything be sure to ask the important questions and even reach out to the list of vendors your venue vouches for and ask for references. It doesn’t hurt to get other couple’s feedback on their experiences both with the vendor and venue.

Date & Location

When choosing a date for your Miami dream wedding, I would suggest having two dates in mind. The first being your top choice and second being an alternative option. When searching how to choose a wedding location you will limit your options if you only are inquiring about one date to book. A general rule of thumb is most great wedding venues are booked 12-18 months in advance so the earlier you start your search to find the wedding venue of your dreams the better chance you have of securing your preferred date. The location in which you plan to have your wedding is another important task to decide early on in the wedding planning process. This again goes back to how far in advance most wedding venues get booked, so knowing where you want to get married helps in your search of how to pick a wedding venue. Florida is home to some of my personal favorite wedding locations such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami. These two areas have such a fun nightlife it is perfect for pre-wedding shenanigans with your bridal party!

Plan B!

I will scream it from the rooftops if I have to. Always, ALWAYS have a plan b! Life can be unpredictable…as everyone living through 2020 knows, and no one wants to be scrambling around at the last minute to find an available and cheap venue that fits your criteria. If you are planning an outdoor Florida destination wedding I strongly urge you to inquire about the company’s hurricane policy in relation to refunds or relocation to an indoor banquet hall. The last thing you want to do is sign a contract with a venue without exploring their solutions to problems that may arise on the wedding day, the biggest problem being unable to conduct your ceremony due to weather. My tip is to look for a company who is vocal about catering to your needs and offers alternative options for making your wedding day run as smoothly as possible.

Let Hollywood Events Teach you How To Pick A Wedding Venue!

At Hollywood Events we find the best tips to share with our clients because we want to give them the finest experience alongside affordable packages. We are an all inclusive wedding venue located in Hollywood Florida, and we specialize in beach weddings ranging from Miami to West Palm Beach. We have tons of location options and a wonderful event coordinator to assist couples who want to learn how to choose a wedding location ideal for them.