How to: A Guide To Planning Your Own Wedding

Whether you’ve watched friends or family getting married, or if you have only seen it in movies, everyone knows how overwhelming wedding planning can be. We frequently see couples hire a professional wedding planner in Florida to assist in wedding planning as it is a stressful process that requires attention to detail. But, that’s not to say planning your own wedding is impossible. In fact, when working with a full service wedding venue like Hollywood Events, planning your wedding will be a breeze. Hollywood Events is one of the few South Florida beach wedding locations that will handle everything you need to say “I do” on your wedding day.

There are dozens of reasons why a couple would decide to take on the role of being their own wedding planner. Whether you are looking to stay within an affordable budget or if you’re just a lover of all things DIY, it is definitely possible to create your dream wedding on your own, for reasonable pricing so long as you have the right wedding plan. In this blog I want to share my best five tips for planning and executing your wedding with little to no professional help.

Set Your Budget

Your budget is the foundation that must be set in stone before you begin planning anything because once you make clear how much you are comfortable spending, you don’t risk going overboard. Something very important to do regarding your budget is to stick to it! This is especially important if you will be handling the costs on your own so be prepared to start saving so your wedding plan goes off without a hitch. From the venue pricing, ceremony & reception packages, to catering & DJ services, there are many expenses you should keep in mind when evaluating just how much you are willing to spend. Whether you are planning a wedding on a smaller budget or if you are just unsure of where to start, let me reassure you that there are venues and packages out there for every budget size. At Hollywood Events, we pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable South Florida beach wedding locations.

Determine Location

Identifying which of the South Florida beach wedding locations you want your special day to take place at is another important aspect of wedding planning. Are you looking at beach wedding locations in Florida? Or, are you wanting to go the traditional route and use a chapel as your wedding venue? Regardless of your reservations, there are a ton of affordable venues ready to host Florida destination weddings. Hollywood Events is a full service wedding company located on Hollywood Beach and offers very affordable pricing in our ceremony & reception packages making it a natural fit for any wedding plan. Offering not only a wedding venue, but we will perform the duties as your wedding planner in Florida so that you have as much of the workload off your hands as possible. We have an exceptional list of affordable South Florida beach wedding locations and reception venues to choose from so we guarantee you will find the best package for you.

Intimate or public?

Considering your guest list is an important factor to keep in mind when it comes to determining your budget. Depending on the venue chosen, pricing can be a flat rate or per head so it is essential to understand who you are inviting to your wedding and why. The subject of who to invite can get touchy when working with a tight budget because the truth is not everyone you know is going to get invited, and that’s okay. This day is about you and who you decide to share it with is strictly up to you, especially when you are paying for everyone’s attendance. Whether you are looking to do just a quick elopement ceremony or throw the wedding of the century, Hollywood Events has the package to accommodate any wedding plan. Here at Hollywood Events we specialize in Florida destination weddings, typically up to 127 people at most. But, we do have packages with smaller guest sizes which makes choosing a beach wedding location in Florida an easy decision.


The key to maintaining your sanity when planning a wedding is to stay organized. There will be so many tasks floating around that forgetting a seemingly minute detail will be effortless. If you are choosing not to hire a wedding planner in Florida, I advise you to invest in a wedding planning book and create a master wedding checklist of everything you need to do accompanied by deadlines. This will significantly help in relieving stress as you will be setting goals and keeping yourself on track when it comes to ordering decorations, hiring vendor services, and reserving a venue. Among the tasks in your wedding checklist should be making your guest list, going over which caterers or djs you will be hiring, and weighing all possibilities when it comes to the beach wedding locations in Florida.

Consider legalities

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of planning your wedding, many couples forget little details that are very important! For instance, when considering beach wedding locations in Florida you must take into account that some beaches require permits in order to host your ceremony on the beach. The prices for permits vary depending on the area in which the ceremony will be held, as well as how long in advance you apply for the permit. You can find out the cost of permits by looking at the official city websites of each of the beach wedding locations in Florida. Another legality is the marriage license. Once issued, the marriage license is valid for 60 days. Your ceremony must be held within those 60 days to be valid. After the ceremony is performed, the marriage license must be sent or brought to the Clerk and will then be recorded in the Official Records. The good news is, when hiring Hollywood Events as your wedding planner in Florida, we will remind you about all the necessary steps to take in order to complete your big day.

Call Hollywood Events for Florida destination weddings!

If these five tips didn’t convince you that you are more than capable of planning your wedding then feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to assist you in planning your ceremony or reception! Of all the South Florida beach wedding locations to choose from, Hollywood Events is the best when it comes to affordable pricing and a stress free relationship. Call us today to learn about booking Florida destination weddings.