Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I speak with about booking the Hollywood Events Hall?

E-mail, or you can call to text the rental coordinator at 786-628-8166 for additional information.

What table sizes do you have available?

Rectangular that fit 4-8 people.

Can I bring a DJ?

Yes you can have your own DJ but you don’t need to provide the sound system. We have a great sound system.

Can I decorate?

Yes, but there are some limitations as to the material you may use. Nothing can be hung on walls.

What if I want to rent just the space without all the amenities?

We have other prices for smaller events. Contact us for more information.

Can I bring in my own food, drinks or alcohol?

Yes, but there is a charge of $100 for food and $100 for drinks/alcohol.

Whats the latest my event can end?


Can I sell tickets to my event?

Yes, but we need to have a guest list for our doorman to check off as they arrive. Armbands will need to be worn as well.

I have a DVD or Video I would like to play during my event. Can I do this?

Yes, we have a large projection screen, as well as, a wallmounted flat screen television in our Banquet Room that can accommodate audio/video hookups for VCRs, DVD players, or computers. Please bring all of the appropriate cording with you to hook your component to our flat screen.

Can I play music during my event?

Yes, we have the ability to put your music selections on a overhead system in our Event Hall. Our system accommodates a hook up into your iPod should you have a specific play list of songs you have put together. Another option we can offer is a commercial-free internet radio service that can be played in the banquet room during your event. Please keep in mind that our staff will not be able to accommodate requests for individual songs to be played during your event, as that service would be best provided by a DJ.

What kind of events take place at Hollywood Events?

Weddings constitute the bulk of our business, but we also host frequent graduation parties, family reunions, Christmas parties, birthday and anniversary celebrations, corporate luncheons and training events, church worship services, and more.

How is the seating arranged?

The banquet hall manager can suggest an appropriate seating configuration based on the number of guests. A floor plan is provided and the client decides on the location of the head table and guest tables. The Hollywood Events staff will set up the tables and chairs accordingly, which can also include small tables for a guest book, cake, and presents.

May I bring in my own Decorator?

Yes, you can personalize your décor for the event venue by hiring someone or decorating yourself. The Hollywood Events Hall is available for one hour before your event to decorate. If more time is needed then clients will be billed at hourly rate.

What is the capacity?

The hall is approximately 2,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 130 guests. For weddings, 100 guests are recommended which includes a head table, band or DJ, and dance floor..

Is a deposit required?

Yes. For Weddings and General Events a deposit of $500 is required to reserve the date. When is the room balance due? The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the event. Credit Card or Cash is Accepted.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits are non refundable. All payments made toward your event are non refundable.

Is a dance floor provided?

Yes. We have everything you need to dance the night away.

Are outside caterers allowed to work in your banquet hall?

Yes! Outside Caterers are allowed

Do you require customers to use a specific list of vendors?

No, however, vendors must be licensed and insured.

I plan to sell tickets, am I required to have security on site?

All events serving alcohol with 50 or more guests and some other events may require security as determined by staff.

Is parking available?

Yes. Metered or garage parking is available anytime ($4- $5 per hour is the typical rates).

Is there handicap access and parking?

Yes, there are some handicap accessible spots located near the front entrance but they are subject to availability.

Will the venue be completely private for our event or will it be accessible to others?

Yes. The Hollywood Events Hall is completely private and exclusive to your event.

Do you have cooking facilities?

The facility has a small service kitchen available for use, fees may apply. If you or your caterer are going to use the kitchen, you will be required to bring in your own supplies.

Can I store things in the refrigerator or freezer?

You are welcome to store items in the refrigerator and/or freezer, but you will be required to remove all items by the end of your rental. All items left in the refrigerator or freezer will be thrown away.

Do you have an ice maker?

Yes. For large events we encourage you to have additional ice on hand.

When can I start my set up?

You can start setting up your room at the start time indicated on your receipt. At times we are able to allow you to start prior to your start time, but this is on a caseby-case basis and requires prior approval.

What is the maximum capacity?

The event hall can typically accommodate approximately 130 people.

Can I decorate the room for my party?

Yes, but we do have limitations. We do not allow the following: glitter, confetti, flower petals, tape on our walls, silly string or noise-makers. Otherwise you should be okay, just ask us if you are unsure. All decorations must be down by the end of your event.

Can we bring in outside vendors such as florist, DJ, Videographer. Photographer, etc?

A: Yes. All vendors are responsible for supplying all items relating to product or service they supply for the event.

What are the facility managers responsibilities?

During your event the facility manager will be on site to ensure that the facilities are in optimal condition for your event. Their responsibilities will include prepping the venue for your event requirements, showing you the facilities so you know where important items are located, overseeing any staff that is hired for your event, going over the venue rules / doing a damage walk through, cleaning up any food or drink spills during your event, taking out trash cans if full during event, cleaning after your event, helping you connect to the audio/video systems, fixing any toilet clogs, stocking bathrooms & stocking ice to the bar or coolers.