Miami Beach Wedding Locations

miami beach wedding locations
miami beach wedding planner

If you are like most people trying to navigate affordable wedding planning in a sea of venue options you are probably wishing you had some help. Let this blog serve as your guide to learning the ends and outs of the many Miami Beach Wedding Locations. Our company will take over all responsibilities that a wedding planner in Miami would typically do, tenfold. Meaning, not only do we handle the planning process but we also carry out arranging everything on your big day. From location to decorations, Hollywood Events does it all for an affordable cost. After reading this blog you will have loads of knowledge to make an informed decision on which beach wedding location in Miami is the right one for you.

Among all of the cities one can choose to have a Florida destination wedding in, the majority seem to favor Miami. Whether you are looking to do a ceremony only, or both ceremony and reception, there are tons of cost effective options in our packages that our company guarantees you can’t go wrong choosing any of the following Miami beach wedding locations. We know just how many venue options, packages, and services there are out there when it comes to wedding planning, and we understand just how stressful it can be. That’s exactly why we have taken time to assist you in narrowing down which Miami beach wedding location has the right pricing and amenities to host your dream wedding.

North Miami Beach

miami beach wedding planner
miami beach wedding planner

Miami Beach is a highly renowned tropical destination. Compared to its southern sibling, North Beach is a calmer more residential area. Voted “THE best” for its crowd-free spaces and charming walking trails on the sand, Oceanside Park Beach is a great choice among all Miami beach wedding locations. The bright white sand and refreshing turquoise water of Miami Beach has the potential to grant you a beautiful wedding accompanied by affordable pricing. The tropical climate paired with the 5 star resorts inhabiting the area is an obvious choice when planning a Florida destination wedding the whole family can be a part of. To top it off, our super affordable venue located just 15 minutes north of North Beach is a convenient location to host your reception after your beach ceremony concludes. Not only does Hollywood Events play the role as your wedding planner in Miami but we also provide you with an affordable package to bring your dream wedding to life.

South Beach

miami beach wedding location
miami beach destination wedding

South Beach, or SoBe as the area’s natives would call it, is the nightlife capital of South Florida and happens to be one of our more popular packages. With the ample amount of shopping and entertainment services it’s no wonder people from all over the world travel to this neighborhood’s most popular beach in hopes of landing a wedding planner in Miami. Not quite as affordable as some of the other destinations however, South Beach is the best for a spontaneous, no planning getaway as the city is always so lively. Known for being a tourist trap on Spring Break, South Beach also makes for quite a wonderful beach wedding location in Miami year round. This popular tropical destination is home to some of the best 5 star restaurants, hotels, and breathtaking beaches. Our company has the utmost faith that you will not be disappointed when choosing South Beach as the location for your Florida destination wedding.

Key Biscayne

miami beach wedding location
miami wedding planner

Key Biscayne is perfect for a more low-key Florida destination wedding getaway. Any wedding planner in Miami will tell you Key Biscayne consists of tons of great alternative venue options to host your ceremony on the beach as the beaches are not overly populated as you might find at some of the other beach wedding locations in Miami. This makes for some truly beautiful wedding photos to hold the memory of your destination wedding forever. Located at the northern tip of Key Biscayne, Crandon Park is one of the best beach wedding locations in Miami for those wanting to keep pricing low and entertainment high. This is all thanks to the many services it has to offer from golf and tennis courses to the beach itself. This just so happens to be home to the tennis court which was the former site of the PGA Open from 1987-2018. You can also hold your reception at Crandon Park as they offer catering services for affordable pricing, making it a one stop celebration. Or if you want to take the more traditional route and have your reception inside a venue, Hollywood Events is a full service venue that is always ready to celebrate love.